Modern day police work has become exceedingly unpredictable and dangerous. The new threats and issues our country is faced with requires a new style of policing, mixed with new and innovative equipment in order to effectively protect the public. Agencies often acquire new or used military equipment to assist with especially hostile and violent situations. A percentage of the population sees this as unnecessary, dangerous, and useless. If you’ve turned on the news you’ve seen riot police in body armor, often with assault style weapons on the back of a BearCat or similar military style vehicle. The image of militaristic weapons and vehicles in the streets of suburban America causes turmoil but it is my opinion that these pieces of equipment are necessary in the modern day for domestic police agencies as well as the military. Prior to 9/11 the perception of police was much different. It was assumed they just responded to break ins and car accidents. After that tragedy it was understood that modern day police would be dealing with much more than a gas station robbery. Dr. Scott Phillips of the Criminal Justice Department at the State University of New York, states “The act aims to improve agency effectiveness and officer safety during drug interdiction and counter-terrorism activities. After 9/11, Congress highlighted the need to transfer such equipment in support of homeland security.” in an article posted the the FBI’s website about The National Defense Authorization Act. While it isn’t always seen as a plus due to lack of knowledge and the lack of context the media includes in stories, i think it’s crucial to our nation’s security to have this style of training and equipment. The old days of policing are over. It’s a new age with new threats and these threats must be met at the front lines with the appropriate means to handle them.